Game of Thrones theory: Is Bran the Night King?

Brunilde Fioravanti
Agosto 21, 2017

Well. this would change things.


Is it possible that Bran is in fact The Night King in Game of Thrones? The Night King and his army of dead icicles are very slowly marching upon the Seven Kingdoms in the current season of Game of Thrones and next week's episode ("Beyond the Wall") promises to pit a motley crew of fearless humans against them, in a mission to capture a White Walker and prove to the people of Westeros once and for all that the threat beyond the wall is real. It may seem like a insane theory at first, but way too much of this adds up.

The video is both amusing and impressive in equal measure, topped off with a huge helping of creepy thanks to the Night King's sick, unusual smile and overly emotive eyes.

Before you start calling us a shower of pr*cks, hear us out.

But as he was told, it's unsafe to spend too long in the past because you can become trapped there, which is what some people think happened. Can the White Walkers go into "shutdown mode"?

One theory doing the rounds on YouTube and Reddit is that Bran tried to warg his way into this man's body to create a treaty with the Children of the Forest and stop the ancient war that caused so many of them to die out. When he realised he failed again, he tries to go back in the current timeline, but can't because he's too deep into the past and stayed too long ('it is handsome beneath the sea, stay too long and you drown').

If your memory serves you, you'll remember that Jojen and Brendan warned him of this.

So Bran is in the body of the man that becomes the Night King, which would help explain that scene where the Night King grabbed his arm when Bran thought he was invisible.

Their two abilities seem awfully similar, and there is some decent foreshadowing of this theory in the scene where Bran sees the Night King being created.

Aside from her comedy, it should be said that Singh's Night King make-up is startlingly close to the real deal, but the antics she gets up to while having it applied is somehow even more special.

"We were at war, we were being massacred, our sacred trees were shot down, we had to defend ourselves". We were being slaughtered.

Turm0il26 suggests that the magic that the Children of the Forest possess added to Bran's powers would ultimately lead to corruption and madness, and Bran, trapped in the past slowly loses his sense of self and truly becomes the Night King.

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