11 places to watch the solar eclipse in West Michigan

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Agosto 22, 2017

The No. 1 safety item that every viewer needs to be carrying for the total solar eclipse are a pair of certified safety glasses.

According to Chou, if you did not look at the sun directly, but instead look through a protective filter or at a display on your smartphone or a camera, you are likely OK.

Solar glasses are a must for safe viewing of Monday's total solar eclipse, the first to span coast to US coast in 99 years. When totality is ending, then it's time to put them back on.

On Monday, Aug. 21, the sun will be completely blocked by the moon in a 70-mile-wide "band of totality" stretching from coast to coast.

However, if you looked directly at the eclipse for a period of time, you could have some problems. NASA has a number of designs on its website, including one made with a cereal box. But for everyone else, you should never, ever look up toward the sun without protection. Hours can pass before you realize the extent of the damage.

"This damage can be temporary or permanent and occurs with no pain".

"The only way to look directly at the sun when it is eclipsed or is partly eclipsed is with a special solar filter, such as eclipse glasses or a hand-held solar viewer", added De La Haye.

This is a screenshot of a portion of David Tomb's order for solar eclipse glasses from Amazon. "To get smaller kids ready for it, they can wear those glasses anytime, so when eclipse day comes they're already prepared on how to utilize those and when to take them off".

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