Overwatch Competitive Play seasons shortened from three months to two

Rodiano Bonacci
Agosto 23, 2017

Skill Rating Decay - The Overwatch development team has chose to cut the skill rating decay in half, from the player losing a whole 50 SR to 25 SR instead. From the sixth season, players should find themselves being placed more appropriately in regard to their actual skill rating.

Blizzard made a decision to shorten Overwatch's Competitive Play seasons for a couple of reasons.

Control maps will now be best of three, down from best of five, the same as in quick-play. They are always working on ways to improve and come up with changes to keep the gameplay fresh and exciting. With season 5 set to wrap up on August 28th, Blizzard has outlined what fans can expect from the next season of Competitive Play, and it sounds like major changes are in store for the popular game mode. According to VP Jeff Kaplan, this will make the experience more fun and rewarding, while preventing it from stagnating. Blizzard is also tinkering with competitive points so that players will earn about the same amount during a shorter season. The decay rate itself will be slowed down, and you'll see drops by 25 SR rather than 50, if and when. To solve this problem, control maps will be best out of three from now on. This will make losing a control map "sting less".

As for the rating points, they are obtained by completing placement matches.

Placement Matches - In the previous two seasons, players were ranked a little lower than where their skill ranking should have placed them.

One of the issues with "Overwatch" is higher level players can, sometimes, struggle to find matches due to their being fewer players of that level. Kaplan's rationale for this was that feedback and statistics showed how players were mostly engaged at the beginning of seasons, playing the game less frequently during the latter two months. This will result in more skill rating gains, but could also affect queues. But there are adjustments to competitive points to compensate for shorter seasons. Most of the big changes revolve around the popular competitive mode and seasons. Most players won't see any changes here, but Kaplan said it's for the better. Because there are a smaller number of highly skilled players, the game will now take a slightly longer time matching those players up with other top-tier players.

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