Rachel Lindsay Slams DeMario Jackson's Race Comments: He 'Never Knew Me'

Brunilde Fioravanti
Agosto 23, 2017

Before he found himself thrust into the spotlight after being accused of sexual misconduct following a sexual encounter with (White) Bachelor in Paradise co-star Corinne Olympios (allegations he was cleared of by production), DeMario Jackson was vying for the attention of Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay. During a Monday appearance on The E&G Podcast, DeMario - who competed for Rachel on Season 13 of The Bachelorette but got the boot when he was accused of having a girlfriend back home - insisted that Rachel is "attracted to white men" and he had predicted from the start of the season there would be "a black representative" in her Final 4 for the objective of being politically correct.

"I was only there for the two weeks in the house", Jackson said of his time on the popular reality series. In his opinion, it was obvious from the jump that she was set to pick a White man.

'There were times in the episodes where you could just tell that she just wasn't interested in any of the black guys, ' he said. She had that vibe. From night one, we all sat down, all the guys and I said, 'They're going to have a black representative, either myself or Eric [Bigger], and they're going to have Dean [Unglert], Peter [Kraus], and Bryan [Abasolo] as the final four.' We all caught that.

When asked why he thought it will be between him and Bigger in the end, Jackson explained that having either of them will "make for good TV".

'Just for the fact that I feel like Eric and I both have. "It's either me, the wild and insane black guy, or it's going to be the very spiritual, down-to-earth, positive motivating guy".

"You see her talk to Dean and she's just like, head over heels".

"What is portrayed out here is this sweet, nice, caring, compassionate girl, but it was like, the total opposite. There were times in the episodes where you could just tell that she just wasn't interested in any of the black guys", he continued. "I remember one specific episode where she had her one-on-one with Kenny [Layne], and Kenny was telling her about his daughter and she's just sitting there with this unbothered look". Then you have Dean because he's f-- drop dead gorgeous, Dean's attractive as f-. I couldn't tell you what she did.

On Tuesday, August 22, Lindsay commented on a photo from the podcast's official Instagram page that was promoting Jackson's appearance on E&G.

Rachel Lindsay was referring to DeMario's ex-girlfriend, Lexi Thexton, a white female who showed up during a group basketball date on "The Bachelorette" to inform Rachel that DeMario had some unfinished business with her back home.

Lindsay added succinctly, "Demario never knew me and still doesn't".

What do you think of Jackson's claims? Do you agree with him?

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