Charedi MK resigns after attending nephew's same-sex wedding

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Settembre 13, 2017

"Two years ago, my sister called me and said, 'Yigal, I want to make you happy, my son is getting married in two months, '" Guetta recalled.

"Here's a scoop, hold on tight", the MK for ultra-orthodox party Shas enthused before continuing on to describe how his nephew had told him he was marrying a man and how he had nevertheless attended the wedding along with his wife and children.

Guetta's presence at his nephew's marriage ceremony however, was enough to raise the ire of many Rabbinical figures in Israel's Orthodox community.

Lawmaker Yigal Guetta on Wednesday resigned after coming under fire from several prominent rabbis and party faithful.

"My entire family went to the wedding".

"The rabbis" attack on Guetta came after he was interviewed by Army Radio.

After announcing his resignation, Shas Chairman Aryeh Deri, conveyed his gratitude to Guetta as well as an openness for him to continue in some other role helping to advance the party's agenda.

The revelations caused anger among some quarters in the ultra-Orthodox community, where same-sex relations are taboo.

They wrote: "So-and-so told his entire family that they were required to attend the "wedding" of his nephew, which is a awful prohibition, among the most severe in the Torah".

Source close to Guetta said the lawmaker had refused to apologise and made a decision to leave before being requested to do so by the party.

Yesh Atid party chairman Yair Lapid wrote on Twitter: "Guetta is an excellent MK and a friend".

Zehava Galon, chairwoman of the Meretz party, called for his reinstatement.

Israel accepts gay people serving openly in its military and Tel Aviv is a popular gay-friendly destination.

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