How to find out if you're affected by the Equifax hack

Cornelia Mascio
Settembre 13, 2017

The massive data breach affects 143 million people. In the USA, those reporting agencies include Experian, Equifax, Innovis, and TransUnion.

You may have never used Equifax yourself - or even heard of it - but the credit reporting agency could still have a treasure trove of your personal information. Anyone with a credit freeze can still seek loans or lines of credit by personally agreeing to unfreeze the information for those purposes.

The company has said it believes that cyber criminals obtained names, addresses and Social Insurance Numbers from a limited number of Canadians, but it has not said how many.

The company said the breach had also affected an unknown number of United Kingdom and Canadian consumers, but did not implement similar websites for people in those countries.

People can usually file a credit freeze online, although some reporting agencies might require a request by phone or in writing, Krebs said.

The company suggests you sign up for credit file monitoring and identity theft protection. Also, you will need to unfreeze the account if, and when, you do a legitimate credit check.

Consider freezing your credit reports. Your existing credit cards and other accounts will not be impacted.

Equifax is under serious fire not only for the breach, but for its responses since then.

Equifax announced Thursday that up to 143 million of its customers may have had some of their most sensitive personal information leaked after detecting "unauthorized access" to its systems July 29.

Committee members also want to know more about the timing of sales of Equifax shares by three company executives before the breach became public. Equifax scheduled meetings with investors yesterday and today to discuss the company's outlook for 2017.

President and CEO of itSynergy, Michael Cocanower, says the long term benefit far outweighs being able to take part in a potential class action lawsuit. Equifax is now saying they will waive the minimal fees to freeze your credit, but that comes on the heels of their highly criticized offer to enroll you in their credit monitoring program.

Equifax set up a special website to assist customers with finding out if their information was leaked or stolen, and what to do if such actions are confirmed. I do not trust the computer. Most have come up with new layers of security, for example, you can get an alert when a check over a thousand dollars cashes.

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