Qualcomm says it invented Apple's innovation

Rodiano Bonacci
Settembre 13, 2017

The Android firsts that Qualcomm counts cover bezel-free designs, dual cameras, augmented reality, depth sensing, and OLED displays - features that have appeared separately across a dozen Android phones over the past few years.

Qualcomm has been in the news since quite sometime because of its ongoing patent violation issues with Apple.

One of the latest innovations from Qualcomm is making Gigabit LTE connectivity possible on Android smartphones.

Qualcomm is deliberately keeping any Apple references out of its blog post for one good reason.

"Inventions from Qualcomm lay the foundation for so many technologies and experiences we value in our smartphones today - on Android and other platforms". The Galaxy S8 also gets credit for the first Android device with iris authentication and facial recognition, Ultra HD video playback, Bluetooth 5.0, HD wireless audio over Bluetooth via aptX HD, mobile HDR Premium and Amazon HDR.

"We've been inventing foundational technologies for Gigabit LTE for well over a decade", Qualcomm says.

Nevertheless, through its licensing program, the company aims to make its new technologies available to startups and globally popular companies like Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorola and so on. For Bezel-less display, the Xiaomi Mi MIX is credited, and the Sony Xperia Z4 is named for the first water resistant touch screen.

But what's even stranger is that it lists technologies that aren't available to consumers yet, such as under-screen fingerprint scanners, saying that they are available on its reference design handsets.

As you'd expect for a post essentially meant to counter Apple's flagship launch, Qualcomm kept mum on things like iOS, iPhone and related. "The vibrant Android ecosystem is built on Qualcomm inventions and our industry enabling horizontal model", reads a passage on Qualcomm's website. Now I'm not sure I want to go back.

After last year's Note 7 fiasco, we weren't sure how Samsung and Note fans would respond.

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