High Schoolers Paint 'Rape' On Chests At Football Game

Modesto Morganelli
Settembre 19, 2017

Four South Carolina high school students are being punished after painting themselves up for a football game, according to Anderson County School District 5 spokesperson Kyle Newton.

A picture of the students was uploaded on Facebook by a group called "Anderson 5 Citizens for Quality Education".

A post in the group said: 'Needless to say, using the threat of rape, even as analogy, is not behaviour that any school or parent should (or hopefully would) condone.

"The fact that rape jokes and those types of things are tolerated in many ways and the fact that students would feel confident or safe enough to do something like that at a family-friendly high school football game also speaks volumes to the way that these teenage boys think about it", said Shauna Galloway-Williams, director of the Julie Valentine Center. The juxtaposition of a violent message with the breast cancer awareness symbology is of particular concern. "The assumption these young men seem to have made is that their position and privilege allows them to make "jokes" about rape as a viable threat". "We are puzzled, however, that no action seems to have been taken at the game, when these young men were standing proudly in front of attendees, the teams, and the coaching staff". He also mentioned that the four students were good students and cooperative, making a brief error in judgment. They've never been in any trouble, they're not trouble-makers.

Over at Foothills Alliance, an agency specializing in sexual trauma, they want the students to know the impact one word can cause. (The Westside High principal) has been in contact with all the parents. "And they're very remorseful, their parents understand that their intent was not to offend".

"This is what can happen to a situation where students made a bad decision but once it gets on social media, it gets ramped up and it really spreads like wildfire", Wilson said.

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