'Rambo' cop tackled James Blake 'like an National Football League linebacker'

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Settembre 19, 2017

An undercover NYPD officer mistakenly tackled James Blake "like an National Football League linebacker" during a botched arrest that left the retired tennis pro shaken up and "embarrassed", the athlete and prosecutors said Tuesday. (Watch the full interview above) James Blake was once the number four tennis player in the world, but today he was a witness giving testimony in a disciplinary hearing regarding an incident that happened two years ago.

"The officer who assaulted me never apologized and has not made contact with me in any way and I don't expect him to at all", Blake told Tennis Now.

"It's about excessive police force", prosecutor Jonathan Fogel said during opening statements in Officer James Frascatore's administrative trial. He has been assigned desk duty and is scheduled to testify in the hearing.

Blake said responded: "I don't know I'm safe".

Yonkers, N.Y. native Blake said Frascatore never identified himself as a cop and never displayed a badge before tackling him.

Initially, officers on the scene claimed Blake was only detained for about a minute.

"This is an absolute mistake", he recalls telling the officer.

His arrest stirred controversy after a security video showed the officer slamming down him and handcuffing him outside a Manhattan hotel.

"It should not matter that I'm a tennis star.to be treated respectfully and not have my rights taken away from me from law enforcement", he writes.

Officer James Frascatore will be pressed by prosecutors for the Civilian Complaint Review Board.

Police Commissioner James O'Neill will make the final decision.

The CCRB said in a statement to NBC 4 NY it could not publicly reveal the results of its investigation, but that "our commitment remains to be a fair and vigilant resource for all people who have complaints about police misconduct, and to judge the cases based on thorough, even handed investigations which serve the public and officers alike".

The president of the Patrolmen's Benevolent Association, the NYPD officers' union, maintained Frascatore used "an acceptable technique to gain compliance during a complex ongoing operation" and that "clearly the officer did not strike the individual or seek to harm him in any way".

Blake - who was caught on surveillance video obtained by The Post calmly shaking hands and chatting with Frascatore shortly after being arrested - said he only reported the incident to police after speaking to his wife.

Meanwhile, Frascatore's attorney Stephen Worth said the athlete and cop were "both victims of circumstances beyond their control".

The tennis star, who retired after the 2013 U.S. Open, has said Frascatore should lose his job.

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