Arizona congressmen say no Obamacare repeal could affect tax reform

Modesto Morganelli
Settembre 20, 2017

Along with fellow Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, Cassidy authored a bill that now has White House support to dismantle the 2010 Affordable Care Act passed under former Democratic President Barack Obama.

Senator Graham said on Tuesday the bill was the party's last chance to "stop the march to socialism". Kennedy says he plans to vote for U.S. Senator Bill Cassidy's measure but it can be better.

Critics are saying the new Republican plan to repeal Obamacare is like a bad sequel to a awful movie: The Healthcare Zombie Returns.

The current bill's sponsors tout their effort as a "moderate" reform meant to shore up the country's health insurance policies by giving states more control over how health care dollars are spent. It's now just a handful of votes away from reaching the majority needed.

Kimmel went after Cassidy and his legislation Tuesday night, asserting that Cassidy "just lied to my face".

After the GOP failed to pass a health care plan over the summer, the Graham-Cassidy bill, proposed by Republican Sens.

The back-and-forth between the lawmaker and the entertainer came as President Donald Trump and Senate GOP leaders pushed for votes to pass the legislation by the end of next week.

Baker was joined by four fellow Republicans - Ohio Gov. John Kasich, Alaska Gov. Bill Walker, Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval, and Vermont Gov. Phil Scott - and five Democrats.

The bill would allow states to repeal ObamaCare rules that prevent people with pre-existing conditions from being charged higher premiums. Amelia Chasse, a spokeswoman for Hogan, said the governor did not sign on to the letter, because he chose to put out his own statement opposing the bill.

Further, they contend the block grant's annual rate of increase wouldn't keep pace with inflation, potentially leading to increased health care spending, greater out-of-pocket costs and, perhaps, leaving millions more uninsured. Republicans need to hit that total by September 30, the date when special procedures blocking the bill from filibuster will expire. John McCain. Would he step back in line with fellow Republicans now that there was a bill co-written by Lindsey Graham of SC, his best friend in the Senate? That would amount to victory in the 100-member Senate, because Vice President Mike Pence - as president of the Senate - would then break a tie.

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