Jio's 4G Speed Improves By 50%! The Reason Is Astonishing!

Rodiano Bonacci
Settembre 20, 2017

According to the recent report of OpenSignals, Jio's speeds have increased by 50 percent after the free data offers are over.

This speed calculation has been done for OpenSignal users, who are on Jio network, and the comparison has been divided into 5 three-months periods: Starting from December to July this year.

In a few weeks OpenSignal will release its second State of Mobile Networks report for India, but in the interim we thought we share some of the interesting trend data we're seeing from India's most headline-grabbing operator, Reliance Jio.

Back then, Airtel registered an average 4G download speed of 11.53 Mbps, while Reliance Jio settled down with an average speed of 3.9 Mbps.

OpenSignal concluded that there might be more improvement in Jio' network speeds.

After an uptick in February, Jio's speeds leveled out at around 4.2 Mbps between the test periods ending in March and April, said Kevin Fitchard of OpenSignal in a blog post. The report will cover 4G speed offered by Airtel, Idea Cellular and Vodafone as well.

Hence, the possible reason is that as the free offers ended, people started ditching Jio, and with less users, bandwidth performance improved, and Jio's speed increased.

It could be that Jio has upgraded its network, adding capacity to feed its customers' unquenchable thirst for data. Or it could be that the customers are reining in their data uses now that they actually have to pay for the megabytes and gigabytes they consume. Chances are, it's a combination of multiple factors. The report also added that the overall user experience on the network has also improved dramatically.

Earlier, Reliance Jio topped the 4G network availability chart in its India analysis, Jio ranked last in 4G speed as its millions of data-hungry customers competed for capacity on its LTE network. Managing its LTE network better with less number of users have helped with delivering its full potential to its users.

Reliance Jio, however, opposed Ookla's claims and had filed a petition in July alleging that the company has lost reputation and money due to the ad campaign by the rival telecom operator, which amounted to conspiracy, defamation, and breach of trust, among others.

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