30 million in USA subscribe to Spotify, Apple Music and other sources

Brunilde Fioravanti
Settembre 21, 2017

The music business is booming again after almost two decades of decline, thanks to paid streaming services Spotify and Apple Music, according to a report from the Recording Industry Association of America.

Paid subscription streaming services boosted the United States market in the first six months of 2017.

The US music industry - led by label owners including Sony Corp., Vivendi SA's Universal Music and Warner Music Group - is poised to deliver its third straight year of growth, a first since the 1990s.

Record industry executives have cautioned against celebrating prematurely since sales are still a fraction of what they were at the peak of CD sales.

Sherman then returns to the issue of the so-called "value gap" once again, pulling up figures that show an individual has to stream 58 hours of video on YouTube before generating a single dollar to music creators, concluding, "For the second half of 2017, we look forward to more great music, and hope that we can make more progressing on addressing fundamental inequities that stymie music's full potential". Paid subscriptions rose from 20.2 million a year ago to 30.4m, with revenue up 61% to $1.7 billion (£1.26 billion).

"Primarily owing to growth in paid subscriptions, the industry continued to recover, though at levels still far below the peak of the late 1990s", Josh Friedlander, the RIAA's senior vice president of strategic data analysis, said in the report. Spotify has 60 million to its name. Streaming revenues jumped to $1.49 billion for the period with $225 million coming from the limited tier.

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