LNP MP drops F-bomb in front of Turnbull

Brunilde Fioravanti
Settembre 21, 2017

Prime minister Malcolm Turnbull has spent the past two days in Queensland, and has held two press conferences: one at a NutraDry factory with Federal Liberal MP Trevor Evans yesterday, and one today at a road project with Howarth and Queensland opposition leader Tim Nicholls.

Just how close Howarth was to the array of microphones in front of Turnbull also became apparent when halfway from the question, he's heard to mutter "Oh this f***", in reference to reporter Jackson Williams.

'Would you like to see more females along LNP ranks in Queensland?'

Mr Turnbull did an admirable job of ignoring him, saying: "Well we all look forward to seeing more women represented in Parliament".

Questions were raised over the absence of female MPs after Tony Abbott posted a photo on Twitter of a Q&A session with the Newtown Young Liberals.

Mr Howarth's told News Corp Australia that he was frustrated at the question but admitted he was "guilty".

"I was a little bit more frustrated because I work with women on a daily basis", he said, highlighting that Queensland LNP MPs Jane Prentice and Karen Andrews are both assistant ministers in the Turnbull government.

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