Manitobans rally for $15 minimum wage

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Settembre 21, 2017

Manitoba's minimum wage is $11 and will rise to $11.15 October 1, after the province said it would tie annual minimum wage increases to the rate of inflation. It calls for bumping up the current $11 an hour minimum wage in annual $1 increments until it reaches $15 on January 1, 2021.

Despite that increase, advocates for low-income workers say many still live in poverty and struggle to provide for their families. "Have to make choices between paying your rent, or groceries, much less trying to put some money aside for savings to better yourself, to be able to go to school, to be able to upgrade".

In the spring, the province passed legislation to tie annual minimum wage increases to inflation via the Consumer Price Index, an approach similar to some other provinces such as New Brunswick.

But when it comes to the minimum wage Democratic politicians on Beacon Hill appear to have the same level of concern for businesses as they did for taxpayers when they voted to raise their own salaries earlier this year.

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