Equifax breach affected 'small number' of RBC credit card holders

Cornelia Mascio
Settembre 22, 2017

We reached out to Equifax via email and messaged them on Facebook to find out why so many can't access their credit protection services.

The PIN request system, at least at the time it was pointed out by Krebs on Security, requires someone to provide info such as name, address, date of birth, and Social Security number...data that was exposed by another major credit bureau, Equifax, as well to various degrees in past security breaches through other companies. You have to call all three of the credit bureaus.

Someone impersonates you and opens up new credit accounts or takes out loans in your name. With a credit freeze, no third party can access your credit report until the freeze is lifted.

It's called a credit freeze.

One silver lining of this situation is that more consumers may decide to initiate credit freezes, as many consumer groups recommend.

What is a credit freeze?

How to unfreeze credit reports? When you apply the freeze, you will be issued a PIN number that will be required for unfreezing and re-freezing your credit. Because with a freeze, the credit bureau loses money. If your current accounts have been compromised, you need to contact the fraud department at each of those creditors, to have those accounts closed, and a new card reissued (or have the individual account frozen, if that is an option with that creditor).

"If you buy from one of the bureaus their $20 a month service that gives you free access to your report, it gives you your score, it gives you alerts and it gives you the ability to lock and unlock your credit report", said Clements.

"If you want to lock down your credit report, you're going to want to do it on all three bureaus and so the cheapest, most effective way to do it on all three bureaus is to freeze your credit on all three bureaus".

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