Iran's Rouhani vows to strengthen missiles despite USA criticism

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Settembre 24, 2017

Under the terms of the agreement, Mr. Trump is required to certify to Congress every 90 days that Iran is holding up its end of the bargain.

KELEMEN: Well, the EU's foreign policy chief, Federica Mogherini, who chaired it came out, calling it frank, which is kind of diplo-speak for tough.

In response, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said Wednesday that his country will not be the first to violate the agreement, but will respond "decisively and resolutely" to its violation by any party.

"Perhaps the technical aspects have (been met), but in the broader context the aspiration has not", Tillerson said. Pulling out of the deal will free the Iranians to once again ramp up their program and leave the United States few options short of military action to prevent an Iranian nuclear weapon.

Sitting in the audience as Trump uttered this insult were leaders of the other nations who, along with the United States, negotiated the Iran deal. They have merchandised their warfare, their chemical weapons and nuclear weapons.

"One can nearly set the countdown clock to Iran resuming its nuclear activities", Tillerson said.

"How are we going to convince countries like North Korea that worldwide agreements provide them with security - and in so doing make them commit to future disarmament efforts - if the only global example for such an endeavor being successful, the agreement with Iran, no longer has effect?" asked Germany's Vice Chancellor and Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel, addressing the U.N. General Assembly. He won't say yet what he's decided, but he calls the deal an embarrassment. And there's no guarantee a second go-round on the uranium enrichment issue would be any improvement over what's already on the table, even if it did include Iran's missile programs and terrorism. He joins me now to talk about Trump's critique of the deal.

As much as the White House might object to Iran's ballistic missile tests, as well as its continued support of Hezbollah and the Syrian regime, and its role in destabilizing Yemen, Sick said those criticisms misinterpret what the Iran deal was meant to do. Under the agreement, Iran undertook to apply certain limits to its nuclear program in exchange for the termination of all nuclear-related sanctions against Tehran.

In response, Rouhani lashed out at "ignorant, absurd and hateful rhetoric" in Trump's United Nations speech. In a dismissive jab at Trump he said, "It will be a great pity if this agreement were to be destroyed by rogue newcomers to the world of politics".

Forty-two states put their names on the pact within an hour after a signing ceremony opened, and more were added afterward.

Rouhani then told reporters at a news conference that the Iranian people are waiting for an apology from Trump for his "extremely offensive" rhetoric and baseless allegations. "We have largely in recent years vacated very important competitive space with Iran in this sophisticated campaign of subversion where they're really creating nearly a Hezbollah model across the greater Middle East". Do you find that part odd, that Tillerson does not yet know what President Trump's decision is about the Iran nuclear deal? Mr. Trump himself has certified that Iran is complying with the terms of the deal, and we are getting what we want, which is for Iran not to build a bomb.

In any event, the U.S.

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