Twitter is field testing a lightweight app in the Philippines

Rodiano Bonacci
Settembre 24, 2017

At this stage it is only available in the Philippines through official channels (Play Store) but you can grab a copy of it from APK Mirror and check it out for yourself. It requires less mobile data to work. The app is targeted at who find it hard to access high speed mobile internet; in other words, Twitter is targeting users in countries with unreliable internet connection. And with a file size under 3MB, you don't need much storage space to install it.

According to the microblogging company, Twitter Lite works without any issues, and is ideal on 3G as well as 2G networks. Like many other "Lite" apps, Twitter Lite specializes in using as little cellular data as possible, even including an extreme Data Saver mode that only loads images and videos when tapped on.

For now, it will be safe to say the app is only an experiment and nothing to suggest that a global roll out is on the card.

"The app runs Android 5.0 and up, has language support both for English and Filipino and is usable on 2G and 3G networks".

Twitter has soft-launched called 'Twitter Lite, ' an Android app for the Philippines. The idea is to allow users to use Twitter where mobile data is expensive. "Twitter Lite helps to overcome these barriers to usage for Twitter in the Philippines", a Twitter spokesperson said. Of course, loads of them because you can still interact with your friends, access live scores, market your business, view your Timeline, the Explore Tab, Messages, Notification, and customize your profile to suit your taste.

Twitter's goal is to make Twitter accessible to anyone in the world and this is a definite step in the right direction and the Twitter Lite app is definitely a step in that direction.

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