Clooney slams Hillary's failed campaign: 'I never saw her elevate her game'

Brunilde Fioravanti
Settembre 25, 2017

The latest A-lister to voice his views is Academy Award victor George Clooney, who was a vocal Hillary supporter during the campaign, holding back-to-back Hillary Clinton fundraisers with his wife Amal previous year.

The 56-year-old actor, a longtime Clinton supporter, revealed in a new interview that while he still believes Clinton was more than qualified for the gig, he was irked by her failure to step up her campaign.

"Hillary, for years and years and years, has been the presumptive nominee, and quite honestly, she was incredibly qualified for the job", Clooney offered. "Here's what I mean", he said, going on to explain. She was more qualified than even her husband was when he was elected president, but she's not as good at communicating things. "When she got up and gave a speech, it didn't soar", Clooney said.

Clooney added that he was frustrated by Clinton because "I never saw her elevate her game".

"I never saw it", he added.

The Hollywood actor and director said he understood his friends who said Hillary Clinton was "not good at this". I also think, though, that if it was a guy it wouldn't have been so polarising.

The Academy Award-winning filmmaker and humanitarian had several liberal acquaintances who also believed Clinton faced a "harder uphill battle" against Trump.

Clooney said he though she was nOt particularly good at articulating the things that she wanted to do. "Now, that doesn't mean that she wouldn't have done a great job as president, and I supported her because by the time we did the fundraiser the primary was over at that point and it was time to get on with picking someone to move forward, and she was the right person to side with".

Nearly a year on from the shock 2016 USA presidential election that saw Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton to become America's 45th president, Hillary has released her memoir: What Happened. I just look at it and laugh when I see him say 'Hollywood elite.' Hollywood elite?

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