Defying Trump, Iran test fires 1200-mile ballisitic missile

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Settembre 25, 2017

President Donald Trump gave a stark warning Saturday that cast growing uncertainty over whether a nuclear deal clinched with Iran would survive after Iran tested a new medium-range missile. Gen. Amir Ali Hajizadeh, a senior commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (I RGC) Aerospace Division.

Trump used his U.N. speech to dismiss the pact with Tehran, which lifted sanctions in exchange for Iran curbing its nuclear program, as an "embarrassment" and "one of the worst and most one-sided transactions the United States has ever entered into".

The Khorramshahr missile has a range of 2000 kilometers - enough to hit Israel - and can be armed with several warheads.

Trump is due to report to Congress on October 15 on whether Iran is still complying with the deal and whether it remains in U.S. interests to stick by it. Iran casts itself as a leading advocate for the rights of Palestinians.

Two sources, including a senior USA official, said on Wednesday that the White House does not want to kill the deal. "We will strengthen our missile capabilities".

Friday's reported missile test is the latest in a series of launches.

Washington has also taken aim at what it says is Tehran's failure to meet expectations that it would play a more stabilizing role in the Middle East.

"Iran will continue reinforcement of its defense power as long as the rhetoric of some countries is one of threat", the Iranian defense minister said, adding that, "Iran will not seek permission from any country to produce missiles, and land, naval, and aerial defense weapons".

"If we laugh at someone's ideas and tease them it means that we are not tolerant of others' opinion while being tolerant and respectful of others' opinion paves the way for creativity and help students to work up the courage to be creative and get encouraged". The agency did not provide further information on the missile.

In a rejoinder to Trump's call to renegotiate the nuclear deal, he said that "all countries" at the General Assembly meeting supported the nuclear deal, "except the United States and the Zionist regime", a reference to Israel. The Trump administration had also said, though grudgingly, that Iran was complying.

His comments came as the Iranian military introduced a new ballistic missile with a 1,200-mile range, capable of reaching Israel and carrying multiple warheads.

He said world leaders "cannot abide" by the agreement if it "provides cover" for Iran to eventually build its nuclear programme.

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