Gameone Holdings Ltd (8282.HK) Shares Climb Higher For the Week

Cornelia Mascio
Settembre 25, 2017

This is a momentum indicator that is the inverse of the Fast Stochastic Oscillator. The explanation for this is Hosada felt price action and its extremes were more important than smoothing any data because price action represented where buyers/sellers entered and directed the market, thus being more important than averaging or smoothing the data out. Moving averages can be very useful for identifying peaks and troughs. However, it can act as the first line of defense in a trend and a breaking of it in the opposite direction of the move can often be a sign of the defenses weakening.

Value investors may be scanning the shelves for bargain stocks. With so many investing options, traders and investors need to construct a plan that works specifically for them. Consistently beating the market may involve heavy amounts of homework, and a necessary rebalancing of the portfolio. Traders may use the indicator to determine stock trends or to identify overbought/oversold conditions. The 50-day is 14.22, and the 7-day is sitting at 16.21. When the good times are rolling, investors may be highly tempted to move a lot of money into certain stocks that have been churning out returns. The ATR is not used to figure out price direction, just to measure volatility. The RSI was created by J. Welles Wilder who was striving to measure whether or not a stock was overbought or oversold.

Some investors may find the Williams Percent Range or Williams %R as a helpful technical indicator.

Seven Group Holdings Ltd (SVW.AX)'s Williams Percent Range or 14 day Williams %R is now at -37.50. Many consider the equity oversold if the reading is below -80 and overbought if the indicator is between 0 and -20. The Williams %R was developed by Larry Williams.

Investors may use multiple technical indicators to help spot trends and buy/sell signals.

The Average Directional Index or ADX is a popular technical indicator created to help measure trend strength. The ADX alone was created to measure trend strength. When combined with the Plus Directional Indicator (+DI) and Minus Directional Indicator (-DI), it can help decipher the trend direction as well. The RSI may be used to help spot points of reversals more accurately. Currently, the 14-day ADX for Hindustan Dorr-Oliver Limited (HINDDORROL.NS) is 70.65. Many technical analysts believe that an ADX value over 25 would suggest a strong trend. A reading under 20 would indicate no trend, and a reading from 20-25 would suggest that there is no clear trend signal. A value of 50-75 would signal a very strong trend, and a value of 75-100 would indicate an extremely strong trend.

Traders may be relying in part on technical stock analysis. Presently, Mi-Pay Group Plc (MPAY.L) has a 14-day Commodity Channel Index (CCI) of -51.85. Despite the name, CCI can be used on other investment tools such as stocks. Used as a coincident indicator, the CCI reading above +100 would reflect strong price action which may signal an uptrend. A reading between 0 and -20 would point to an overbought situation. On the other hand, a reading of -100 would imply that the stock is oversold and possibly set for a rally.

Investors are paying close attention to shares of NCC Limited (NCC.BO). Currently, the 200-day MA is sitting at 86.91, and the 50-day is 88.07. The RSI operates in a range-bound area with values between 0 and 100. The indicator is non-directional meaning that it gauges trend strength whether the stock price is trending higher or lower. The opposite is the case when the RSI line is heading lower. Technical stock analysts may use a combination of different time periods in order to figure out the history of the equity and where it may be headed in the future.

At the time of writing, the 14-day ADX for Raymond Limited (RAYMOND.NS) is 30.61. Technical traders may want to still keep tabs on the fundamentals, and vice-versa. Generally, the RSI is considered to be oversold when it falls below 30 and overbought when it heads above 70.

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