Katie Price describes Peter Andre 'the love of her life' (again!!)

Brunilde Fioravanti
Сентября 25, 2017

And it was an eventful night as one Katie Price admirer got more than he bargained for when she confessed to having "no knickers on". I thought he was fit but so short.

My worst nightmare is men always hurt me - relationships I never get right.

They explained: "Peter didn't cheat on Katie and wasn't happy when she suggested he had during her tour".

Peter reportedly sought legal action.

Katie's current husband Kieran Hayler - who recently admitted to cheating on her with their children's nanny - has previously been totally humiliated at one of her shows.

The 38-year-old's show in Stevenage got off to a bad start with the crowd heckling her for being 20 minutes late.

They shouted "Poor show", and chanted her name before she arrived onstage.

"That guy in the middle is going to have a great view".

When finally there, she blamed her dinner arriving late, telling the impatient audience: "I've been waiting for my chicken Nando's, that's why I'm late!"

"He's staring at my woohoo".

She then went on to say that she didn't know he was a crossdresser before she married him, and suggesting it had a negative impact on the couple's bedroom antics.

According to The Sun, she invited the crowd to GUESS which of her husbands was the worst in bed - the answer was unanimously "Alex".

Confirming that it was indeed crossdressing cage fighter Alex Reid, Katie said: "You got it right".

Targeting ex-boyfriend and footballer Dwight, she said: "They say 'Once you've had black, you never go back".

A brief history of Katie Price's rollercoaster love life - and the ones that got away.

Katie Price has called ex-husband Peter Andre the love of her life, shortly after apologising for alleged claims that he cheated on her during their four-year marriage.

The show famously revolves around a woman whose husband has an affair with a much younger woman, and when a fan asked about Pete, Katie is said to have replied: "I don't stalk anyone".

"I'm quite kind. People always take advantage so now I test people".

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