What's Colin Kaepernick thinking? Eric Reid knows

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Ottobre 1, 2017

"As the protestor, you have to find the courage to protest".

Last season, the 49ers' Eli Harold (58), Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid took a knee together during the national anthem.

Last year, as a second-string quarterback with the San Francisco 49ers, Kaepernick openly and clearly said America wasn't much of a country because it was oppressing blacks.

Over 200 NFL players knelt or raised a fist during the national anthem last weekend in response to controversial comments by US President Donald Trump. That doesn't sound patriotic to me. Kaepernick gained public attention when he first took a knee to protest the treatment of black Americans, notably in regard to police brutality. By framing the protests about something nearly all Americans will oppose - denigrating the flag, anthem, military, or country - he is seemingly trying to make this an easier battle for him to win, while invoking some racial dog whistles along the way.

Rapinoe plays for Seattle Reign in the National Women's Soccer League. We will continue to support them in their peaceful pursuit of positive change in our country and around the world.

In reaction to her taking the knee, the US Soccer Federation passed a new regulation forbidding any of its national teams to do so again.

There's a reason Trump is framing the protests in the way he is. "I'm not going to engage on the absurdity that we just ran a clip where a player quotes the president of the United States and we felt we needed to bleep it".

"I didn't really understand why he said what he said". The flag doesn't mean that either.

"I was pretty bothered by [President Trump's comments], I think the same way most people were", Shanahan said.

But I think those people fought for the opportunity to express themselves and for what it means to be American. They'd care about the paycheck and nothing else.

If any of these athletes have a coherent explanation for what they are doing, I have yet to hear it.

Now, as a fan, I would never sit during the anthem. Other teams, such as the Dallas Cowboys and the Minnesota Vikings, stood as one with players and team executives linking arms. That's something that this country stands for freedom, liberty, and justice for all.

In a lot of ways, it's a lose-lose scenario. All of a sudden, however, more and more athletes made a decision to follow Kaepernick's lead, defying the heavy public opposition to their activities and the threat of fans boycotting their events, which expectedly led to Trump sounding off about what he had to say about this during a political rally in Alabama.

Maybe it marks some sort of progress that the forces of clueless outrage have moved on from tearing down statues that hurt their feelings to tearing down the very institution that has made them incomprehensibly rich and famous. It's totally inappropriate, it's un-presidential, it's embarrassing. Others, though, noted how the whole scandal has now been diverted from its original objective, which was to keep media attention on the issue of police violence, and that the hubbub over race and the American flag are making people forget why Kaepernick "took a knee" in the first place.

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