Fetus kicks through uterine wall

Modesto Morganelli
Ottobre 12, 2017

But following extreme pain and cold sweats, an ultrasound revealed the baby's leg had actually "kicked through" the womb wall.

Doctors conducted a scan and shockingly found that the fetus had kicked out and torn through the wall of her uterus, the hospital said.

The baby, who was born at 35 weeks via an emergency cesarean section, is reported to be in stable condition.

Ms Zhang and her family thought that the mother-to-be had a stomach-ache, the MailOnline reported.

Initially believing she just had a stomach ache, the mum underwent ultrasounds, with doctors shocked to see one of her baby's legs had "kicked through" her uterus and was in her abdominal cavity.

Doctors considered Ms Zhang's condition critical and immediately arranged an operation for her.

According to reports, the woman only identified as Zhang had a torn wound on her uterus which the doctors suspect might have been due to a previous surgery. Zhang's amniotic fluid had also begun to flow into her abdomen.

This prompted doctors to proceed with caesarean surgery to deliver the baby within a 10 minute window.

Uterine rupture in pregnancy is rare and very risky, according to Medscape.

Uterine rupture is reported to only be seen in 1 in 1,416, or 0.07% of pregnancies, but it can be extremely risky.

The condition can lead to fetal anoxia and catastrophic hemorrhage.

In 2016, a woman in France experienced a similar uterine rupture, where her baby's feet popped out of her womb through a 1 inch tear.

Hospital shared the above picture on its official social media account.Photo:Peking University Shenzhen Hospital.

The woman's risk for uterine rupture was reportedly increased because she had five previous c-sections. Doctors were reportedly able to fix the woman's uterus after the birth of her son.

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