Fish stuck in man's throat in prank gone wrong

Modesto Morganelli
Ottobre 12, 2017

The 28-year-old man was fishing in Dorset, England, when he made a decision to hold the 14 cm freshly caught fish over his mouth, reports the Guardian. The unnamed man was given constant CPR and after six attempts to removed the flat fish, paramedics managed to get him breathing again.

"With the first clinician on scene in less than two minutes, friends directed the crew along the dimly-lit pier, where another friend was already performing CPR, as directed by the calm emergency medical dispatcher on the line from the 999 control room". By that time, he'd gone into cardiac arrest.

He and a colleague, Martyn Box, an operations officer, worked on the man and got a pulse back. "Initially, we didn't know the true extent of the situation or what the patient was choking on, but as we questioned them further we were told he had a whole fish stuck in his windpipe".

His life was saved by paramedics after the fish wriggled free of his hand and choked him.

Harrison said re-assessment of the patient inside the ambulance indicated further deterioration of his condition and a decline of cardiac output. "I used a laryngoscope to fully extend the mouth and throat and saw what appeared like an altered color of tissue in his throat".

Mr Harrison said: "We're all so glad the patient has no lasting effects from his cardiac arrest, which could so easily have had such a tragic and devastating outcome".

Mr Harrison said the fish's barbs and gills became stuck but he eventually succeeded in pulling it out in one piece with forceps.

He added he was further anxious that the fish's barbs and gills would get stuck on its way out, but on his sixth attempt, Mr Box managed to remove the fish in one piece.

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