FTII students post open letter to Anupam Kher

Brunilde Fioravanti
Ottobre 12, 2017

Anupam Kher, an actor with a repertoire of over 500 movies including global projects, was on Wednesday named Chairman of the prestigious Film and Television Institute of India (FTII) in Pune.

The development on the campus has coincided with Kher's appointment, which the students have questioned.

You might be busy taking congratulatory messages (at this time).

"My good wishes are with him", added the ex-FTII chairman, while speaking with ANI.

- Confusion in the new credit based system as workshops and classes were being cut down from the syllabus during the course of the semester.

It has been a year since the syllabus has been in place so a proper audit of the new syllabus has to be done and such issues need to be rectified. This is not the first time I am handling an administrative post.

The role and future prospects of the institute's many contract staff.

The status of the lightmen in the institute, who earlier were permanent staff, but are now contract labour.

The administration initially reacted by asking a student each from Direction, Cinematography, Sound Design, Editing and Art Direction courses to vacate the hostel for the third semester, but eventually revoked the order.

-Faculties are hired on contractual basis and fear that they could be sacked any moment.

"Our objective to keep it for two days is to finish the semester on time so as to prevent backlog", said Amit Tyagi, dean, FTII.

"The institute does not have enough number of faculties to run the courses and, because of this, implementation of syllabus is getting affected".

The letter alleges that five students were suspended without any show cause notice because they meant to question the changes in exercise norms. Limitations have been brought into exercise norms as part of the new syllabus like, the norms brought in place for the dialogue exercise in second year.These limitations are logistically not feasible, like the three-day eight-hour shift being reduced to a two-day 12-hour shift which would be exhausting and also inhuman to force the light men, carpenters, painters, make-up artist and actors to work at such stretch. "But the students of the third semester made a decision to continue with the boycott despite the solution we offered regarding the schedule".

- Since February 2017, student representatives have been excluded from Academic Council discussion which is against the Constitution of the institute.

Filmmaker Pritish Nandy called it an "excellent change" at FTII. Since 2000, the last time the syllabus was revised, students not finishing their courses on time had become a major issue in the institute. Some choose to work in industry and others find alternate ways. He will facilitate student with his 4o years of experience in the Hindi cinema, travel, stage acting and much more.

Jay said, "The question is how can a person, who heads a private enterprise, can be asked to head a government institute".

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