Jailed mom 'devastated' to learn son was vaccinated

Modesto Morganelli
Ottobre 12, 2017

The Michigan mother sent to jail after refusing to comply with a court order to vaccinate her 9-year old son has more legal woes.

Oakland County Judge Karen McDonald ruled Wednesday that Rebecca Bredow will no longer have primary custody of the boy but will share joint custody with her ex-husband, James Horne. She says vaccinations go against her religious beliefs.

McDonald found Bredow in contempt of court for refusing an earlier order to get her son vaccinated - an unusual decision.

Bredow, who is from suburban Detroit, agreed to immunize her son last November during a custody battle with her husband, the judge noted in court on Wednesday. Bredow says she and her ex agreed at one time to have the vaccinations, but her views on the issue has since changed. Now, he will have temporary custody to take the child to get vaccinated while she goes to jail.

Bredow was sentenced to seven days in jail for not following a court's consent order to vaccinate her son. "The conditions in Oakland County Jail, they're terrible", Bredow said."You know, it was the worst five day of my life pretty much, you know, except for the fact that I just found out he was vaccinated and I'm not getting him back today, you know?" Breedow told WWJthat she objected to grouping the shots together.

In the state of MI, schools require students to receive vaccinations before entering Kindergarten and up until 7th grade, while transfer students are required to be administered vaccines into their high school years.

While the family had the option to wait, the child's father showed concerned about their son's well-being and took the matter to court when he lost power.

M - A 9-year-old USA boy at the center of vaccine dispute between his divorced parents received four immunizations this week, according to court testimony. She immediately appealed that decision and the court found her appeal without merit. Her attorney plans to appeal.

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