Box Graph unleashes relationships between content and users

Remigio Civitarese
Ottobre 13, 2017

"We are in the midst of a revolution in enterprise software driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning, and we are making Box the most intelligent cloud content management platform in the world", said Aaron Levie, said Box CEO.

Finally, Box also announced Image Intelligence, which uses Google Cloud to detect objects and concepts in images, capturing text using optical character recognition (OCR) and automatically adding labels to images to build metadata on image catalogues. Video intelligence provides transcripts, and it analyzes video files for topic detection and to recognize specific people.

ISVs, SIs and enterprise developers can create custom Box Skills with the Box Skills Kit, allowing users to train or group existing skills or develop new capabilities to process content.

Box is starting with images, audio and video in response to the huge growth in these types of content stored on its platform. "And traditionally, the more information you have, the harder it is work with", said Jeetu Patel, chief product officer at Box, during a keynote session here on October 11 at the company's Boxworks conference.

A Box Video Intelligence Skill demonstration showed the real depth of the product. To put that in perspective, Box's customer count grows at a rate of about 10 percent a year, while its revenue has grown around 28 percent to 30 percent a year.

It's a move by the company to capitalize on the wave of investment in machine learning and provide its customers with additional value for their Box subscription. In a similar fashion the Box Graph is building a network of connections, but instead of just friends, it's between pieces of content and employees and how they relate to each other.

But machine learning enables customers to extract value at scale. "We think the greatest impact AI will have is when it enters the enterprise", he said. "How do we leverage all the innovation that's happening and make sure that can give us a lift?".

In a keynote pointed by poignant references to recent events including hurricanes and the firestorms now raging North of San Francisco, boss Aaron Levie announced the launch of Box Skills, a framework of machine learning based tools created to work with any neural network, be it IBM Watson or Google Deepmind.

These can deliver intelligent business processes, leveraging third-party machine learning solutions or training a Skill to handle unique data for a business or industry.

"There's basically an infinite number of ways customers might want to build their own skills", Patel said.

Box on Wednesday is also announcing Box Graph, which creates intelligent networks of people and content. It gives users a rich topology of relationships within an organization and can be leveraged for a variety of use cases.

Feed, the first new service based on Box Graph, is a personalized activity feed that curates and surfaces the most relevant updates, insights and content for each Box user.

All of this is done within the confines of Box's built-in permissions, security and compliance so you don't get to see content that you're not authorized to see, even if it the system believes you would be interested in it, based on similar content you tend to look at.

It can also offer "trending" content from within the company.

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