'Game of Thrones' cast don't get scripts, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau says

Brunilde Fioravanti
Ottobre 13, 2017

Game Of Thrones producers are so hell-bent on stopping leaks from season eight, even the cast won't get scripts.

Coster-Waldau dropped this info during an appearance on the Scandinavian talk show Skavlan, where he discussed how the security measures on the show have evolved over the years. After that, security tightened even further, and the cast had to get their scripts through verified email addresses, which included extra steps. There are state secrets that exist with less protection than the freaking Game of Thrones scripts for its final season. Those scripts were watermarked so HBO would know who leaked them if they leaked.

HBO has not yet announced the airdate for this eighth and final "Game of Thrones" season.

Listen: I understand that spoilers are bad for people who appreciate surprises and like the nauseating feeling of not knowing what's going to happen on their favorite show about blood magic and a fabulous ice queen who rides a horse made of air and broken dreams (the Night King), but for the REST of us, I gotta say. who cares??? We're all going to have earpieces for the scene and then someone's going to tell you the line and then your going to do the line. After all, multiple cast members have said that they all got together this past Sunday and Monday to read through the entire season, which is born out by all the cast sightings in Belfast.

Instead, they'll apparently be fed lines through ear pieces at the time of filming to prevent the likelihood of any leaks whatsoever.

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