Greenpeace activists break into nuclear plant and set off fireworks

Cornelia Mascio
Ottobre 13, 2017

Greenpeace activists have broken into a French nuclear power station and set off fireworks to show the site's vulnerability to attacks.

"Our activists launched a firework in the perimeter of a French nuclear plant".

Shortly after the pre-dawn infiltration, the EDF energy company that operates the plant said the protesters were detained before they reached the nuclear zone, and that the plant's safety was not impacted. "No impact on the safety of installations".

The environmentalist group said its campaigners breached two security barriers before setting off the fireworks next to a spent fuel pool where radioactive rods are stored after being used.

He said that as the activists had raised their hands in the air and unfurled a Greenpeace banner, police officials present on the site arrested them without violence within eight minutes.

Spautz told AFP the action was aimed at drawing attention to the "fragility" of SFPs "that are not protected, unlike the reactor buildings".

Greenpeace this week published a report saying the spent-fuel pools of EDF's nuclear reactors are highly vulnerable to attacks as their confinement walls have not been designed with malicious attacks in mind.

However, EDF hit back at the report and claims it consistently reviews measures in place to protect the area from criminals and terrorists and its plants are "safe, properly monitored and very well protected".

State-controlled EDF - whose 58 reactors provide three quarters of France's electricity - denied its spent-fuel pools were at risk and said they had been created to withstand earthquakes and flooding as well as terror attacks.

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