Pink Regrets Siding With Taylor Swift in Katy Perry Feud

Modesto Morganelli
Ottobre 13, 2017

Singer Pink says she regrets taking sides in the pop feud between singers Taylor Swift and Katy Perry.

"I should've just kept my mouth shut, because I don't believe that". As she noted, she is a mother of two kids, six-year-old daughter Willow Sage and nine-month-old Jameson Moon. "I don't care. But I felt rushed, and I didn't know what to do. They're like, 'Team Katy or Team Taylor?' And I said, 'Either way, I can't win-but Taylor?'" Pink told the L.A. Times. And I paid for it, because then the next day: "'Pink Is Team Taylor'".

There has been no shortage of reports of Taylor Swift feuding with just about everyone in pop music, but none have been quite as lasting as her supposed "bad blood" with Katy Perry. As fans may know, Pink and Hart have been on and off at times but appear to be in a great place now and recently attended the MTV VMAs together. "It surprises me how snarky it's gotten. And we're giving our power away by playing into it".

While the singer has more than two decades of experience in the limelight, the preoccupation with celebrity feuds still seems to have caught her off guard.

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