Pokemon Go Pulls Tons of PokeStops to Fix a Major Glitch

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Ottobre 13, 2017

For unknown reasons, PokeStops in Pokemon GO are now giving out only two items per spin, whereas before it could be up to five items per spin.

The developer addressed the issue by restoring a backup version of their system.

Although Pokemon Go players potentially lost hundreds of PokeStops and gyms, the reboot did manage to bring back item drop rates to their original level.

Hopefully, Niantic will finally be able to fix the issues with the Pokestops soon so that gamers can enjoy playing Pokemon Go. The only problem is, the backup version lacked the number of Pokestops the developer had added in the past few days. One could theorize that Niantic has chose to lower the number of items earned per PokeStop to try to make players rely more on microtransactions, but such a move could alienate its fanbase.

With no announcement from Niantic, fans are left scratching their heads as to why this change was made. Recently, the developer has forced players to download the latest update twice. When this happens, it follows that Niantic Labs will implement something.

This isn't much of a surprise seeing as the data for these Pokemon were added into the game back in August, but the hinting certainly means it shouldn't be too much further away. Aside from that Hanke also mentioned that the team has plans of working on social interactions of players in the game.

There was also talk about "planning to develop a new battle mode" which is no doubt the reference to the long-standing requests for PVP, but this is further away Hanke revealed.

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