Several UK Retailers To Extend Pound Coin Deadline

Cornelia Mascio
Ottobre 13, 2017

Nearly a third of the 500m still in circulation are locked inside children's money boxes.

High Street giant Iceland and its Food Warehouse stores are to accept payments in old "round pound" coins until the end of this month rather than Sunday's official deadline.

That means people across Kent have an excuse to go out and spend their old coins, if they have any left.

"Venues should ensure that all staff members are aware they should not be accepting the old pound coin after this weekend", said Kate Nichols, chief executive of the Association of Licensed Multiple Retailers.

"However, it is very clear that hundreds of millions of the old coins remain in circulation just three days before the Royal Mint's deadline".

"The old pound coin will soon be devalued more than Harold Wilson's 1967 'pound in your pocket" and part of the problem is that the pound coin often slips out of the pocket and between the auto seats'.

The coins are being phased out as part of a move by the Government to clamp down on counterfeit copies - as many as one in 30 round £1 coins in circulation is fake. The new 12-sided coin, introduced in March, was specifically created to reduce the number of forgeries.

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