Man & machine will be melded into 1 within 20yrs - IBM expert

Rodiano Bonacci
Ottobre 17, 2017

Both these technologies could open up a whole new dimension when it comes to healing people.

IBM engineers are working on nano robots that could heal your body from within.

An IBM researcher predicts artificially intelligent nanomachines will be placed inside human bodies to fix damaged tissue, and to aid in other functions, such as controlling our homes, within 20 years. "These will provide huge medical benefits, such as being able to fix damage to cells, muscles and bones perhaps even augment them", McNamara said to the committee, which is weighing up the economic, ethical and social implications of artificial intelligence.

"We may see nano-machines being injected into our bodies", he said.

Recently, he submitted evidence to the House of Lords Artificial Intelligence Committee, U.K. The committing is inspecting the ethical, economic, and social implications of artificial intelligence (AI).

The expert predicted within two decades humans and machines will effectively be "melded" together, paving the way for huge advancements in human consciousness.

"Using this technology embedded in ourselves and in our surroundings, we begin to be able to control our environment with thoughts and gestures alone", he added.

John McNamara, who works at the IBM Hursley Innovation Centre, is not making claims based on sci-fi fantasy. Scientists - including at Microsoft - are already working on a nano-computer made from DNA that lives inside cells and look for faults in the bodily networks like cancer (just like the antivirus software on your computer) and if it spots cancerous chances it would reboot the system and clear out the diseased cells. It would cause huge unemployment in retail and services sector, which also includes healthcare. If you take these predictions as a general guide to where we're heading, though, then we're sure you can agree we're in for a very odd and exciting future, no matter when it becomes the present.

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