This 'Game of Thrones' Casting Debunks a Major Fan Theory About Daario

Brunilde Fioravanti
Ottobre 18, 2017

Unfortunately, it's already been debunked: according to Watchers on the Wall, the leader of the Golden Company has just been cast. Fans may recall that Cersei sent Euron Greyjoy to fetch the Golden Company in the Season 7 finale.

According to his Spotlight CV and his agency, German actor Marc Rissmann will "join the cast of Game of Thrones in the eighth and final season of the show". In fact, he's sailing with his Iron Islands fleet to Essos to, as Cersei puts it, "ferry the Golden Company back here to help us win the war for Westeros". Daenerys' other devoted follower Jorah, though, was a member of the Golden Company before he pledged his allegiance to Viserys. Read on to find out what to expect from Game of Thrones season 8. She said she'd probably need to make an alliance through marriage, so she left a broken-hearted Daario and the Second Sons to watch over Meereen while she moved on. The theory goes that when Euron comes calling, Daario would agree to have the Golden Company fight for Cersei only to pull a surprise attack on the Lannisters because he's been aligned with Daenerys the whole time. Ultimately, of course, she ended up with Jon Snow. Game of Thrones directors David Nutter and Miguel Sapochnik will return to helm episodes next season with showrunners David Benioff and D.B Weiss directing the series finale. Daario could still pop back up, either as a soldier in the Golden Company or with the Second Sons, and hopefully if/when he does, he finally has his blue hair. Leave your comments below!

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