Howard Stern Rips Into Harvey Weinstein & Other Sexual Harassment 'Freaks'!

Brunilde Fioravanti
Ottobre 19, 2017

Howard Stern went on a comedic tirade against Harvey Weinstein on the Jimmy Kimmel Live stage in Brooklyn, New York, Wednesday night. "First of all, when did (Weinstein) have time to make movies?" "I thought moviemaking was hard", Stern began before laying into the disgraced movie mogul accused of decades of sexual harassment and assault.

He then said that "all these guys who do sexual harassment" as "freaks".

"This big fat guy, he goes [to these women], 'Listen, I'm going to get in the shower and I want you to watch me nude.' Now, I'm a man, if you saw me naked you'd throw up", he said. He even jokingly declared, "I am announcing my retirement from [Kimmel's] show".

"When I was on regular talk and outrageousness was the thing, because you were breaking all the taboos. There's no girl on the planet that wants to see Harvey Weinstein naked and is gonna get aroused". "If I was Harvey Weinstein, I'd wear a burka and say, 'Listen, you don't have to look at me'". "Same with this Bill O'Reilly". You know who he is? They threw him out of Fox. What was his move? I got fined by the United States government, millions of dollars, for saying the word "penis.' And now 'penis" comes out of my mouth and your mouth so easily. What is with these guys and the shower?

Kimmel clearly knew about Stern's late-night reservations, joking at the top of the show that "Donald Trump was more excited to visit Puerto Rico than Howard about being on this show".

He also rehashed a bit from last night's show in which David Letterman told the story of how he sent Kimmel a box of ties - and Conan O'Brien a horse - Stern revealed that he, too, brought a gift for Kimmel. "The one thing women don't want to see".

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