Ronnie O'Sullivan Lets Pitch Invader Take Shot On The Black

Paola Ditto
Октября 19, 2017

Ronnie O'Sullivan's English Open showdown with outsider Zhang Yong ended in weird fashion when he let an invader attempt to pot the black ball.

In the fifth round, Yong squandered a chance at setting up a dramatic comeback and O'Sullivan duly punished him with yet another century.

However as he was just about to end the match by potting the pink and black balls, he was interrupted by an invader who managed to bypass security.

"I didn't know what she was doing first".

She jogged around the table while O'Sullivan was preparing to take what would be his penultimate shot.

It's been a unusual week, all-in-all, for the 41-year-old as he threatened to pull out of the competition on Tuesday after tournament organisers objected to his choice of footwear.

"'And you might as well have a shot while you're at it'. I really wanted her to pot it".

Despite both a security guard and referee trying to stop the woman, O'Sullivan gave in to let the woman take the final shot.

O'Sullivan was forced to wear unconventional trainers due to an ankle injury and, fortunately, common sense prevailed when World Snooker acquiesced to allowing the five-time world champion to sport shoes which didn't quite adhere to the dress code.

"Each case is dealt with individually".

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