Ultra Sun & Moon the Final Pokemon RPGs for 3DS

Rodiano Bonacci
Ottobre 19, 2017

Speaking to IGN, Game Freak director Shigeru Ohmori essentially confirmed that Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon will be the final mainline series games on Nintendo's dedicated portable device, the 3DS.

Speaking with IGN, Game Freak director Shigeru Ohmori revealed that following the launch of Pokemon X&Y the team thought that they got all out of 3DS with the release of the title but, then 3DS was completely redesigned and then the team has even pushed the redesigned 3DS to its limits.

So we're really treating Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon as the culmination of our work with the 3DS system.

The announcement is both good and bad news for Pokemon fans. Nintendo previously announced that Game Freak was working on a main series Pokemon game for the Nintendo Switch, but that it wouldn't come out until at least 2018.

However, it also means that the long-rumored Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes probably won't happen for at least a couple more years.

We don't know much about what the Pokemon Switch game would entail, but Pokemon Company CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara has mentioned that Game Freak was planning to take advantage of the console's multiplayer capabilities and better visuals.

All is not lost, however, as a "core Pokemon RPG" is already in development for the Switch.

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