Bungie Starting to Look 'Beyond Destiny'

Rodiano Bonacci
Ottobre 21, 2017

Destiny 2 has certainly received quite a bit of praise for having a story that was much more engrossing and having more content for players to enjoy. For the best experience, players are encouraged to use these features while running at their display's maximum available resolution. Destiny 2 is now available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and will be heading to PC on 24th October. Players may also toggle Windowed Mode by pressing ALT+ENTER.

DOF effects may be overly aggressive on some tri-monitor configurations.

Windows 10 Game Bar: The Windows 10 game bar may not work in Fullscreen Mode.

NumPad Binding: Players are not able to bind controls to most NumPad keys.

Players may receive an incorrect key prompt when adjusting screen bounds on an AZERTY keyboard.

Closing Application: When closing Destiny 2 on PC, players must close the application via mouse input.

Corporate and University Networks: Some players may be unable to play Destiny 2 on corporate or university networks. Players who encounter this issue must contact their IT department, to meet the connectivity standards outlined in the Network Troubleshooting Guide. Right now the studio is putting their effort into porting the console game over to PC but their starting to look at what's beyond Destiny.

Bungie has had a troubling couple of weeks, not only dealing with an existential crisis regarding Destiny 2's endgame and quality of content, but they've also had to postpone and delay endgame content thanks to pesky glitches. You guys can use this LINK to check the exact time for your region.

Bungie also recommends that PC players upgrade their Drivers to the most recent version prior to launching Destiny 2 for the first time.

Making Destiny 2 and beyond will be shown on BBC Click on October 22.

Last but not the least, Destiny 2 PC comes with a built-in communications tools which will help you when you want to chat with your fellow Guardians.

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