Fortnite Dev Update Talks Weapon Accuracy and More

Rodiano Bonacci
Ottobre 21, 2017

The Fornite Battle Royale development team dropped a new video update today and discussed the latest patch, the future of the mode's weapons, and more.

Epic has similar plans for consumables, "the area that's probably in biggest need of improvement", Williamson explains.

When is voice chat coming?

Voice chat went live for the PC this week in the last patch which was released on Wednesday so that request is covered.

Epic Games is now working on re-balancing some of the weapons from the main game to bring to Battle Royale. The developers recommend using Party Chat for the time being. It's also looking at converting weapons from hitscan-you pull the trigger and, assuming you've aimed properly, the hit immediately registers-to projectile, where bullets actually have to travel along a path and are therefore subject to more physical shenanigans. Additionally, more consumables are being developed for Battle Royale. More long-term, Epic wants to reduce their bullet spread but increase recoil, which will make them more effective in the hands of skilled players.

Epic Games is working on a bunch of changes for Fortnite. There's account progressions (essentially leveling up) and character customization in the works, and they'll likely be integrated into each other. Of course, there's also quality of life changes, such as adjustments made to aim assist, control alternatives on consoles, a visible grenade arc, and more.

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