Eastenders Fans Have A BIG Conspiracy About Jane Beale's Exit

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Октября 22, 2017

And despite the escalating tension EastEnders fans were still in a state of shock on Friday evening when Jane Beale was forced out of Walford in a desperate effort to protect her loved ones.

After being begging for husband Ian Beale to move away from the square with her, Max, played by Jake Wood, had refused on orders of his boss James Willmott-Brown- leaving to Jane depart from Eastenders alone.

But before she went, she left a message for her husband, who she broke up with the night before.

Despite Kathy feeling it's a waste of time - she has well and truly washed her hands of Jane - Ian is digging deeper and wants some more answers. It's gonna sound cray but we're being watched, and I don't get what's going on but I don't know who I can trust. She better come back'.

"I'm so paranoid. I will ring tonight". Don't speak to anyone till I've called you. "I still love you".

One said: 'All Jane needed to do was tell Ian exactly what's going on with Max and PRETEND they were splitting up.

The question is, will it force Max to abandon the revenge mission and quit East London for pastures new?

Ian Beale look set to be thrown into panic on Monday's EastEnders after he listens to missing wife Jane's worrying voicemail message.

And a third said: "I'm really going to miss Jake Wood".

Another added: 'This whole Max story-line is irritating me. why would Jane not tell Ian!'

Aside from the revenge plot, over the years he's been framed for murder, run over by his own daughter, been sent to prison and had showdowns with just about everyone.

We'd certainly be sad to see him go.

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