Korea diplomat says there will be no negotiations on nuclear program

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Ottobre 22, 2017

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) Sunday denounced South Korea for its "policy toward the north" as one destroying the inter-Korean relations and a product of ambition to stifle its compatriots in the north in collusion with the United States.

Choe Son-hui, director-general of the North America department at North Korea's foreign ministry, arrives at Vnukovo International Airport in Moscow on September 26, 2017.

Choe said the North will continue developing its nuclear program if the USA does not give up on its hostile policies toward Pyongyang, according to the source.

"In fact, the puppet authorities, crying out that the 'north's access to nuclear weapons can never be allowed, ' are desperately cooperating in the US moves to ignite a nuclear war against the north", it said. (ENGLISH) "And the present situation for the strengthens, our believe is that we should strongly hold to the nuclear weapons to deter possible USA attacks".

She added that those threats from the US have made Pyongyang only more certain that it needs nuclear weapons to defend itself, and concluded that Washington has no choice but to accept that North Korea is a nuclear state.

During the Moscow conference, she had separate talks with Oleg Burmistrov ( ), a Russian official.

South Korea also sent its deputy nuclear envoy to the event, so there's a chance that there could be an interaction of some kind between officials from the two Koreas.

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