Pat Phelan lines up his new victim ahead of huge killer week

Brunilde Fioravanti
Ottobre 22, 2017

The nefarious builder, who is played by Connor McIntyre, was attacked in his own kitchen after Vinny (Ian Kelsey) sent a henchman to hurt him with a crowbar in retaliation for Phelan threatening his mum.

Nicola was left confused when her mum's friend had such a shocked reaction to seeing a picture of Phelan when she told her about being back in touch with her biological father.

Viewers know that Phelan began to suspect Nicola was his daughter after meeting her and discovering the identity of her parents.

Now, after growing so close to Phelan and Eileen, and being embraced by the family, Nicola will be left devastated.

It seemed like Phelan was planning the sinister revenge of doing something bad to Vinny's mum as he suggested they go on an adventure to the beach but when she mentioned that her Harvey was coming for a visit, Phelan's mind was changed.

The show's source certainly thinks so, adding: "Even though Nicola is his flesh and blood, he will do whatever he can to keep up the pretence of being a nice hard-working man". With Phelan having promised current hostage Andy Carver that he will replace him with someone else, it seems like the dank spot on the cellar floor has Vinny's name on it.

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