European Union says PH rights situation worsened due to drug war

Remigio Civitarese
Ottobre 24, 2017

He replaced them with the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA), which has about 2,000 officers compared with 165,000 for the police force.

The report however noted that extrajudicial killings (EJKs), including the killing of human rights defenders, journalists and indigenous people also happened under the administration of Benigno Aquino 3rd.

On Friday he said he would be prepared to kill criminals himself, as he raised doubts about the PDEA being able to contain illegal drugs.

He said: "Those who rape children, who rape women. if you don't want the police, I am here now. That's true! If nobody would dare it, I will pull the trigger".

Duterte said he was already considering bringing the police back to run the drug war. If things get worse again, I will say to these apes: 'Go back to this job.

Almost 4,000 people whom the authorities called "drug personalities" have lost their lives in Duterte's campaign, according to official statistics from the Philippine Information Agency.

Since then, police have reported killing more than 3,900 "drug personalities". Other drug-related killings have been blamed on crime syndicates and gang warfare. We've been receiving pledges of support and we've been receiving support from many other sectors.

Moreover, the union said Duterte's "statements and actions have seemingly encouraged the police to take an aggressive approach in dealing with drug users and pushers, and have - according to human rights advocates - also encouraged vigilante style extrajudicial killings".

The Philippines police defined a homicide case or incident as the event where an assailant killed at least one person however does not include those killed in police operations.

In January, the anti-drugs campaign was temporarily suspended following the kidnap and murder of a South Korean businessman by crooked cops.

He had then described the police as "corrupt to the core" and gave PDEA the lead role in the drug war. Police officials swiftly announced a revitalized anti-drug campaign named: "Double Barrel Re-Loaded".

PDEA spokesman Derrick Arnold Carreon conceded that the agency was ill-equipped and could be ordered to stand down.

"We will continue to comply with the directive of the President".

"We are strained. Definitely it will be an uphill climb".

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