American Horror Story: Cult finale live stream

Brunilde Fioravanti
Novembre 15, 2017

We're nearly at the finish line of what was a long, harrowing, but absolutely entertaining and necessary season of almost-reality television, and though it's going to be tough to say goodbye, we can all rest assured that we have at least three more years of behavior that inspired American Horror: Story: Cult in real life to endure!

The episode started off with Kai (Evan Peters) recreating his cult while he is locked away behind bars sometime in 2018 for reasons unknown. Kai is next shown to be having sex with the female prison guard who follows his word as an interview airs where Ally has apparently changed her mind and come forward since their conversation over the phone. Two inmates show up and ask him to come with them, where they proceed to beat up and murder another inmate. Kai claims that it is impossible to murder than many pregnant women, but Ally creates a hit list. He demonstrates to the cult how to correctly murder the women and their babies with watermelons. Ally enters the kitchen and finds Beverly coming unhinged, begging Ally to kill her because she doesn't even have a desire to live anymore. Ally tells Kai that she murdered him while he realizes that he killed Winter (Billie Lourd) for nothing. Ally promises that what happens tomorrow night will be "glorious" and that she will have to hang on to fully understand what she means. In another scene, he is shown shouting, "Woman can't win" angrily. Beverly shares the news with Ally claiming Kai was "mutilated" but Ally decides to move forward with her debate having gone through so much to get to this point in time.

Beverly brings up Ivy. The conversation seems tense to say the least - but Ally invites her former cult friend to her son's birthday party anyways to prove how many f**** Ally doesn't give. Ally feels smug and as if she has won, taunting his group of wannabe men but Kai screams that his army is growing and he will tear her apart. They get identical tattoos so that he can murder him and make it look as if Kai was the one actually murdered so he can flee the prison.

As the phone rings again, it's a collect call from Kai Anderson in prison and Ally accepts, ready to confront the mass murderer. "A nasty woman." leading Beverly to shoot Kai in the back of the head and help Ally skyrocket into power. She finally gets revenge for all the things he had done to her this season. While Bebe Abbott is dead because of Ally, she continues to carry on her legacy of being a member of SCUM. Before the episode ends, Ally is announced as the new senator. The episode isn't really interested in punishing Ally for her similarities to Kai; after all, one notable difference between the characters is that Kai used empowered, radicalized men to seize power for himself, while Ally secretly used empowered, radicalized women, like prison guard Gloria (Liz Jenkins), to reclaim power for women.

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