Fox News' Shepard Smith Dismantles His Network's Coverage Of The Clinton-Uranium One Deal

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Novembre 15, 2017

Fox News' Shepard Smith was at it again on Tuesday as he defended Hillary Clinton's handling of Uranium One.

As Shep also points out, those ranting about the Uranium One deal also maintain that Hillary approved the sale of the uranium as a quid pro quo.

The show then proceeded to play Smith's lengthy analysis, which he said debunked claims that Clinton had approved the deal which gave a Russian company control of large USA uranium stockpiles in exchange for donations to the Clinton Foundation - a quid pro quo. The allegations first surfaced in 2015's Clinton Cash book that was written by Breitbart editor Peter Schweizer and produced by Steve Bannon. "The next year, candidate Donald TrumpDonald John TrumpDems win from coast to coast Falwell after Gillespie loss: "'DC should annex" Northern Virginia Dems see gains in Virginia's House of Delegates MORE cited the accusation as an example of Clinton corruption".

Smith, never one to blindly toe the party line, took to task President Donald Trump ― and, implicitly, his cable news network of choice ― over the "inaccurate" portrayal of the sale of a Canadian mining company with major US holdings to a Russian company.

"T$3 he accusation is predicated on the charge that Secretary Clinton approved the sale".

Smith said that a nine person committee consisting of the heads of several federal agencies had to approve the deal and that only former President Obama had veto power.

"Here, the timing is inaccurate", Smith said, noting that the source of the majority of the donations, Frank Giustra, said he sold his stake in the uranium company before the company was sold and before Clinton became secretary of State. "That is Uranium One".

In recent weeks, Republican lawmakers have called for a second special counsel to be appointed to investigate matters involving Clinton, including the Uranium One deal.

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