Google doodles on Cornelia Sorabji's 151st birth anniversary

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Novembre 15, 2017

And, there are women who have become pillars of success and are examples of strength that little girls look up to.

She then returned to India in 1984, and contributed to betterment of women in the country. She was the first woman to graduate from Bombay University, the first woman to study law at Oxford University, the first woman lawyer in India, and also the first woman to practise law in India and Britain. And, the first ever Indian to go to Oxford. She was one of nine children of Reverend Sorabji Karsedji and his wife, Francina Ford, who had been adopted and raised by a British couple. She spent her childhood initially in Belgaum and later in Pune.

- She enrolled in Deccan College, where she reportedly topped, but was not given a scholarship. They encouraged Cornelia to take higher studies. With the help of National Indian Association she was able to sit for Civil Laws Exam at Somerville college. She had to get special permissions just so that she could be allowed to read there. Sorabji studied law at Oxford University in 1892.

However, her legal journey in India was not a cakewalk. In 1899, in Allahabad, she was refused, a call to the bar, by one casting vote. She got involved in the social and advisory works after returning to India.

Overcoming all biases and discrimination, she continued to work in different legal capacities in Maharashtra, Allahabad, Bihar, Bengal, Orissa and Assam for over two decades. Till 1922, Oxford was known not to confer degrees to women. And practised law in one of the prestigious University of UK. It was then that she started practicing in Calcutta. So, instead of pleading before court, her role was confined to preparation of opinion on cases.

She vigorously fought for the rights of purdahnashins also earned a right to be trained them in nursing for providing them with an opportunity to work outside their home.

By late 1920s, she became an anti-nationalist.

She also wrote short stories, articles and her autobiography "Between the Twilights". She retired in 1929 from the High Court and went to London.

On 15 November, Google is commemorating the 151st birth anniversary of Cornelia Sorabji in its doodle.

We laud for Cornelia's spirit and how she fought her battles in a male-dominated world.

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