Iraq to Postpone Saudi Crown Prince's Visit to Baghdad

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Novembre 15, 2017

A purge and palace intrigue in Saudi Arabia.

- Saudi Arabia seeks to resettle Palestinian refugees where they are present, where the kingdom can play a positive supporting creative and bold proposals, such as abolishing Arab League recommendations. not to naturalise Palestinians in any Arab country.

American Mediation and Agreed Upon Principles - "The United States and Saudi Arabia will reach agreements regarding the main principles for ending the conflict, after which President Trump would summon the foreign ministers of the region to a summit in order to obtain their agreements, and only after all have agreed to the same basic principals, would the actual negotiations begin".

"Saudi Arabia. has huge influence and diplomatic power that can give credibility to peace efforts", the alleged letter continues.

The Washington Institute: Saudi Arabia's War On Lebanon - "On November 6, Saudi Arabia's minister of Gulf affairs, Thamer al-Sabhan, announced that the Lebanese government, which is dominated by Hezbollah, the Iran-backed political party and militia, would be treated as if it had "declar [ed] war" on Riyadh".

Iran - The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the longest lasting conflict in the region. In accordance to the deal, both Israel and Saudi Arabia must commit themselves to an effective cooperation in order to stop Iran.

"The kingdom had pledged in the strategic partnership agreement with US President Donald Trump that only a US-Saudi effort (for peace) is the key to success solution to the Palestinian issue can be legitimate without the support of Saudi Arabia". The kingdom later denied the visit had taken place. To remedy this situation, the Saudis propose that either the Kingdom be allowed to obtain nuclear weapons, or alternatively, that Israel dismantle its arsenal.

Al-Akhbar's report, which is signed from London, alleges the document was sent by Saudi FM Adel al-Jubeir to the powerful crown prince and de-facto king Mohammed bin Salman, who reports claimed in September had secretly visited Israel.

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