Talk about vintage: Pottery shards show 8000-year-old wine

Modesto Morganelli
Novembre 15, 2017

The eight shards were found to be roughly 8,000 years old.

"Very intensive work has been done by the group of worldwide scientists, and I'm sure everyone is delighted that the research is finalized, and it was acknowledged that the eldest wine was discovered in Georgia". That's some 600 to 1,000 years old than the previous record, revealed by a wine jar found in Iran.

The journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) has published the report of the finds.

But the Chinese wine used a wild grape that has apparently never been domesticated.

"I'm sure this scientific work will continue, and we'll discover more interesting facts on wine making traditions and wine in Georgia." the Prime Minister commented today during the weekly government meeting. "As a medicine, social lubricant, mind-altering substance and highly valued commodity, wine became the focus of religious cults, pharmacopoeias, cuisines, economies and society in the ancient Near East".

Scientific analysis of 8,000-year-old pottery jars unearthed in Georgia offers the world's earliest evidence of grape wine-making, dating the tradition nearly 1,000 years earlier than previously thought, researchers said yesterday.

"We believe this is the oldest example of the domestication of a wild-growing Eurasian grapevine exclusively for the production of wine", said Batiuk.

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