UAE to witness Leonid meteor shower this weekend

Rodiano Bonacci
Novembre 15, 2017

In past years, the annual meteor shower has provided some of the most stunning celestial views in history, and although this year's isn't expected to be quite as magical, the conditions are flawless for a great view of the event.

Well, fret not crestfallen UAE stargazers because this weekend you will be redeemed with a chance to watch celestial space rocks hurtle through the sky at blinding speed.

Leonid meteor shower is an annual phenomenon and appear originate in the constellation Leo. It is responsible for some of the most intense meteor storms in history, with meteors recorded as falling at rates as high as 50,000 per hour.

If you don't mind staying outside in chilly weather this weekend, you're in for quite the celestial spectacle - the Leonid meteor shower.

According to Hassan Al Hariri, CEO of Dubai Astronomy Group, visibility of the shower this year will be excellent, as there will be a new moon on November 18.

As NASA explained earlier this month, the Leonids are expected to peak on the night of Friday, November 17th, with the height of the shower expected at around 3:00 AM the following morning. Though the meteor shower peaks during that time frame, meteors should be visible for a few days before and after the peak, just not as frequently. The location will only be disclosed to those who register.

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