Woman faints after being found guilty of attempted murder

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Novembre 15, 2017

Diana Lovejoy, 45, collapsed not long after hearing she had been convicted of the conspiracy charge as well as attempted murder. The witness said shots rang out, and he and a wounded Mulvihill took off running.

Ms Lovejoy conspired to kill her ex-husband Greg Mulvihill weeks before she was required to give him US$120,000 following their separation.

Footage from inside the courtroom shows Lovejoy looking around the room in shock as the verdict was read out before becoming overwhelmed with the news and slumping in her chair.

They are facing 50 and 25 years to life in prison, respectively. McDavid, as the triggerman, faces 50 years to life in prison.

After paramedics took Lovejoy to a hospital - wheeled out on a gurney - court resumed.

Brad Patton, Lovejoy's attorney, said his client had taken out a temporary restraining order against Mulvihill because she claimed he was abusing her and their son.

The pair will be sentenced on December 12.

The question was whether the expert gunman did it as a $2,000 hired hitman, or whether he was simply trying to shoot out the light Mulvihill was carrying in his left hand.

Calif Trial
Woman faints after being found guilty of attempted murder

Testifying in his own defense, McDavid, a former Marine and weapons expert, argued in a Vista, California, courtroom that if he had meant to kill Mulvihill, he would not have missed.

Jurors deliberated for about two days before reaching the verdicts.

Cries could be heard as Ms Lovejoy fainted and law enforcement tried to revive her.

Investigators found a multitude of guns and a silencer in McDavid's garage, and a "blast bag" containing seven spent shell casings, Breton told the jury. "But that didn't change any of our verdicts". "He was lying. It was getting absurd at times".

Lovejoy's own aunt told the court a year before the shooting her niece asked if she knew someone who could scare or harm her husband.

Authorities later determined the phone used to call Mulvihill was purchased by Lovejoy, and feces found in the bushes at the scene of the shooting were traced to McDavid. He told Mulvihill that he would provide evidence showing that Mulvihill was abusive, and that he would leave that evidence on a pole along a dirt path of Avenida Soledad, near Rancho Santa Fe.

The case stems from an incident with beginnings in 2014, when Lovejoy separated from Mulvihill. McDavid said that the idea was that if such a sketchy phone call could lure Mulvihill to a dark spot, he must be guilty of something. "It seemed too far-fetched for what actually happened".

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